2021-02-23 A round count option has been added so that a limited number of rounds can be run.

2021-02-13 Updated 1942 to allow AA Guns as casualties (updated in 1942 second edition rules)

1/1/20 Updated 1942 tanks to be second edition IPC costs: 6

New layout.

5/3/18 Added research options for original rules.

4/14/15 Update Loss / Area graph for better layout.

11/14/14 1914 rule set.

11/2/13 Raised max unit cap to 200 on request.

11/26/12 Modified the name for Copyright/Trademark reasons.

11/10/12 Original rules changed battleship hp to 1.

9/6/12 Original rules tanks defend on a 2 now.

6/19/12 Original rules defending submarines no longer get surprise attack.

6/10/12 Original rules fighters now 12 IPC

5/6/12 Fix costs on 1940's Tanks and Aircraft Carriers.

4/28/12 Colors on attacking/defending unit graphs now match.

4/18/12 1940 A3 optional tech options.

4/7/12 Bug fix for 1940's style anti aircraft guns.

4/4/12 Fixed IPC loss value in amphibious attacks.
Added 1940's Alpha +3 style AA Guns.

3/10/12 Updated graphs. They can now be opened in new windows so you can run multiple scenarios and compare results.

3/2/12 Updated graphs.

2/27/12 Fixed aircraft hits in sea battles.

2/26/12 I recently had the time to rewrite parts of this sim. I added some more advanced features including
  • Low Luck
  • Must Take Territory
  • Order of Loss
  • visual graphs

1.22.2010 Fixed 1940's aircraft carriers. They would sometimes cause the sim to freeze.

10.27.2010 Added 1940 Mechanized Infantry and Tactical Bombers.

8.29.2010 Added Android app in the Android Market.

4.11.2010 Added some additional rulesets.

4.1.201050th edition rules heavy bombers select the highest of 2 dice rolls - from this FAQ.

9.8.2009Here is a list of improvements in this version:
  1. New layout. More compact. Hopefully easier to see and enter units. This page looks best in Firefox - Internet Explorer and other browsers like to mangle my layout.
  2. The Enter button works. Press Enter to run the sim.
  3. Speed increase. I redid some code so the sim should run a bit faster now.
  4. New Battle modes. Which means that you can now do Amphibious Assaults.
  5. New Jet Fighters option for 50th Anniversary rules. Before it was just calculating Jet Fighters for both sides. Jet Fighters for everyone!
  6. Submarine's should act correctly now- with preemptive strikes, hitting only water, and interacting with Destroyers.
  7. Bug fix for 50th Anniversary rules where only Transports were left. The sim would hang while the Transports stared each other down forever.
Hope you like it.

2.15.2007 Original release.